Graphite Electrodes For Sale Australia

On January 11, 2019, our Australian customer Mr. Tokmak visited our overseas sales office. Mr. Tokmak is an experienced purchaser working in a famous Australian steel mill. For this business trip, he is planning to purchase graphite electrodes and firebricks used for EAF furnaces. Get Free Quote Our general manager Mr. Wang and technical supervisor … Read more

Graphite Powder

Rongsheng Graphite Powder For Sale

Graphite powder is a battery anode material, which is also one of excellent non-metallic conductive materials. It is a dark gray, scaly solid with a metallic luster that is opaque. Graphite powder is widely used in steel and iron casting as carbon additive to increase carbon content of steel or iron. You can buy high quality … Read more

Graphite Electrode Usage Instruction

1.You should remove the thread of the electrode before connecting the electrode. When the connector is carefully screwed into one end of the electrode, screw the lifting connector into the other end of the electrode. Do not hit the thread. It is not recommended to directly connect the connector to the electrode being used on … Read more