Graphite Electrodes Buyers Attentions

Graphite electrodes buyers come from so many countries. They search for the Uhp, Hp, Rp graphite electrodes manufacturers from the areas with the low prices and the high quality. Different graphite electrode company own the same manufacturing processing, but the products quality may have a big difference. Rongsheng Company is a graphite electrode manufacturer in china, provide customers with high quality electrodes and nipples, as well as the technical induction both in the uses and the selections. You can get the more details about the graphite electrodes buyers attentions lists.

buyers of graphite electrodes
buyers of graphite electrodes

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Attentions should be paid during using graphite electrodes

Although the purchaser has got the high quality graphite electrode, this does not mean that there will be no failure during the use of the graphite electrode. Rongsheng Company reminds buyers of graphite electrodes to pay attention to the following matters during graphite electrode use.

  • Proper grade and diameter of electrodes should be selected accordingto electric furnace capacity and transformer capacity.
  • The allowed current load of alternative current furnace.
Diameter(mm) Allowed current load(A)
75 1000-1400 1000-2000
100 1500-2400 2000-3000
150 3500-4900 4000-5400
200 5000-6900 5400-10000
250 7000-10000 10000-13000
300 10000-13000 13000-17400 18000-24000
350 13500-18000 17400-24000 22000-30000
400 18000-23500 24000-32000 28000-35000
450 22000-27000 32000-40000 33000-45000
500 25000-32000 40000-48000 40000-55000
550 28000-36000 34000-55000 45000-65000
600 35000-41000 38000-61000 50000-75000
700 39000-48000 45000-75000 60000-100000
  • When loading materials electric furnace, to reduce the collisionwith electrode during furnace load collapse, large block material should be loaded at the bottom side of EAF, meanwhile, don’t put lime and other electricity insulating material at right under the electrode, or it will affect electricity conductivity or break the electrode.
  • Pay attention to the position of furnacecover, if furnace cover is not in position, during the lifting and descending of electrodes, it can collide with the electrode and cause damages.
  • Well connected electrodes should not be horizontally placed to avoid rupture.
  • When connectingelectrodes, if there is shell off phenomenon of nipple pin, it should be added, and then the connection can be carried out.
  • If gaps is found after the connection of electrodes, the reasons must be checked and found, the electrodes can be normally used after the eliminationof gaps.
  • The electrodes should be vertically used, tilting operation should be avoided.

electrodes should be vertically used

  • Clamp holder should be placed out of the alarm line. (note: clamp holder should not clamp at alarmline zone ,or the middle of the electrode, as it is easy to cause the rupture of the electrode)

Clamp holder should be placed out of the alarm line

  • As differentmaterials and different production crafts are adopted by different manufacturers, the physiochemical indexes of electrodes produced by different factories have some difference. So, don’t connect electrodes or nipples produced by different producers during using.
  • For electric arc furnacewith large vibration, pins can be used to prevent the loosening of electrodes.

Rongsheng, graphite electrodes company in china. Helping people who are searching the uhp, hp, rp graphite electrodes for the EAF furnances, Ore Electric furnaces, Electric Resistance furnaces.

graphite electrodes company in china

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Rongsheng graphite electrodes are for years selling, we have accumulated quite a lot of experience in using graphite electrodes on electric furnaces. We can not only provide graphite electrode products, but we can also provide good customer service. To solve various problems you encounter during the use of graphite electrodes. Want to get the Rongsheng company’s graphite electrode price chart, please contact with us.

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