Graphite Electrode Type

Graphite electrode for sale mainly petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, calcination, ingredients, kneading, molding, baking and graphitization, machining and made, which is released in electric arc furnace in the form of arc conductor of electricity to heat melting furnace charge, according to its quality indicators, can be divided into … Read more

Graphite Electrodes Export to Russia

Graphite electrode is a kind of graphite conductive material with high temperature resistance. It is a high- quality material made by calcining, mixing, kneading, molding, calcining, impregnating, graphitization and mechanical processing. The main materials of graphite electrodes factory manufacturing are petroleum coke, asphalt coke, coal asphalt and other materials. The graphite product quality is superior, … Read more

High Quality Graphite Electrode Characteristics

Graphite electrode refers to a high temperature resistant graphite conductive material (graphite electrode for short) made of petroleum coke and asphalt coke as aggregate and coal asphalt as binder through calcination, crushing and grinding powder, mixing, kneading, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. It is very important to choose graphite electrode suppliers, pay attention … Read more

RP Graphite Electrode Advantage

There are many kinds of RP graphite electrode species. According to the different power, it can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode, ultra-high power graphite electrode, etc. Different kinds of graphite electrode can be applied in different fields. As one of the graphite electrodes, RP graphite electrode is widely used … Read more

Advantages Of Graphite Electrode

Nowadays, the increasing complexity of mold geometry and the diversification of product applications lead to higher and higher requirements for spark machine discharge accuracy. The advantages of graphite electrode manufacturing are easier to process, discharge processing removal rate is high, graphite loss is small, therefore, part of the customer base spark machine gave up the … Read more

Excellent Graphite Electrode Manufacturers

Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co.,Ltd., located in Zhengzhou city, henan province, China, is a professional producer of carbon products for metallurgical industry. Graphite electrode manufacturers has a history of many years, the production process is advanced. Strong technical force, production equipment, quality testing, testing facilities complete, welcome to consult.   Get Quotation Our company mainly … Read more

Ultra High Power Electrode Supplier

The ultra high power graphite electrode sale is produced by high grade needle coke, and its graphitization heat treatment is carried out in the internal series graphitization furnace. The graphitization temperature is up to 2800 ~ 3000°C, so the resistivity is lower, allowing for greater current density, smaller linear expansion coefficient and excellent thermal shock … Read more

HP Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing

We supply various grades of high quality Graphite Electrodes such as Regular Power(RP),Impregnated/High Density(HD),High Power(HP),Ultra High Power(UHP).Every & each HP graphite electrodes for sale we are offering with tapered nipple meets the internationally accepted tolerances as per standards of YB/T / NEMA / IEC / JIS. Welcome to consult us.   Get Quotation Our Graphite … Read more

Graphite Electrode Export Price

Graphite electrode price reasonable, varieties are RP Graphite power, high power, ultra high power and so on. This series of graphite products have low resistivity, good conductivity, good oxidation resistance, strong resistance to thermal shock and mechanical vibration, high mechanical strength, high machining strength. Graphite electrode is widely used in electric arc steelmaking furnace, electric … Read more

Graphite Electrodes Manufacturing

Graphite electrode generally refers to petroleum coke, asphalt coke as aggregate, coal asphalt as binder. A high temperature resistant graphite conductive material made by calcination, crushing, mixing, kneading, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. I plant production of graphite electrodes price reasonable, high quality, welcome to consult and purchase. Graphite electrode manufacturing is through … Read more