Graphite Electrodes Price

Graphite electrodes, as a necessary consumable for an arc furnace for steelmaking, believe that its price attracts a lot of attention. According to the trend of graphite electrode operation in recent years, can be analyzed, Graphite price changes in 2016 slowed down. At the end of April 2017, prices changed. The prices for ultra-high power … Read more

Prospects For Development Of Graphite Electrodes

Electric furnace steelmaking is currently the world’s most advanced method of steelmaking, consuming the material that is needed — a graphite electrode, a graphite electrode can think about the development prospects should not be underestimated.   Get Quotation The prospects for the development of graphite electrodes are closely related to the development of the steel … Read more

The Composition of Graphite Electrodes

The graphite electrode is commonly used in the electric consumption material of steelmaking of the furnace, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering and other fields.   Get Quotation The composite material of the graphite electrode for petroleum coke and needle coke, coal asphalt as a bonding agent, by roasting, … Read more

Types of Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrodes are widely used in the metallurgical industry as consumables with a high temperature and unique stability. A graphite electrode provides electricity for the smelting of metals and alloys in an electric furnace. The different sizes of the furnace capacity, with the diameter of the graphite electrode are also different, the shape of the … Read more

Reasonably Priced Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrodes are commonly used consumed material that are used to melt alloys or metals in electric furnaces, providing electric energy input, thus forming arc electrodes, release electric energy to make the material melt and heat. Due to its unique characteristics of high conductivity, high thermal stability, reasonable price, etc.,excellent material for steelmaking and mining … Read more

Introduction Of Graphite Electrodes

A graphite electrode is petroleum coke and needle coke as a raw material, and bitumen coal as a binder, High-temperature conductive graphite material produced by a series of process processes. Graphite electrodes are often used to consume materials. This is necessary when the steel furnace is working. Graphite electrodes work when alloying an alloy or … Read more

HP Graphite Electrodes Manufacturer

As is known to all, graphite electrode is a high-temperature conductive material made by a series of complicated processes with petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials and coal bitumen as binder. Graphite electrodes are essential when the furnace is in operation. According to the power can be divided into ultra high power,RP graphite … Read more

Ultra-High Power Electrode For Sale

Graphite electrode, as a common consumption material in eaf steelmaking and ore furnace smelting, is made of petroleum coke, needle coke and coal bitumen as binder through molding, roasting, dipping, graphenization and mechanical processing. According to its specification and quality index, divided into ordinary power, high power, ultra high power graphite electrode.   Get Quotation … Read more