High Power Graphite Electrode Manufacturer

High power graphite electrode price concessions, wide application, high quality, is the customer trust hot products.   Get Quotation Application of graphite electrode: 1. Used in arc furnace Electric furnace steel making is a major use of graphite electrodes. At present, the output of electric furnace steel accounts for about 18% of the output of … Read more

Advantages Of Graphite Electrode Material

Nowadays, due to the rising price of copper in recent years, graphite electrode has been developed rapidly. The price of graphite electrode is 30%~60% lower than that of copper, and the price is relatively stable.   Get Quotation Graphite discharge than copper 2-3 times faster, not easy to deformation, processing advantages.In terms of temperature, the … Read more

Why Choose UHP Graphite Electrodes

The main function of the graphite electrode is to conduct electricity when the metal is smelted in an electric arc furnace. In recent years, the demand for UHP graphite electrodes on the market has increased. Due to the increasing proportion of steels smelting steel in the world, EAF furnace smelting has become a major project … Read more

How long does it take for the production cycle of graphite electrodes?

Production Process of Graphite Electrodes

UHP/HP/RP Graphite Electrode according to the power used for the differ steel furnaces. The production process of graphite electrodes is very complicated, and the time required for each production process is also different. These times add up to the production cycle of graphite electrodes. So how long does the production cycle of graphite electrode? Get … Read more

Graphite Electrode Usage Instruction

1.You should remove the thread of the electrode before connecting the electrode. When the connector is carefully screwed into one end of the electrode, screw the lifting connector into the other end of the electrode. Do not hit the thread. It is not recommended to directly connect the connector to the electrode being used on … Read more