Relationship Between the Structure and Properties of Graphite Electrodes

Rongsheng graphite electrode manufacturer and sales manufacturer. The structure and mechanical properties of a superior graphite electrode change with radial position. It has a certain impact on structural parameters such as porosity and orientation angle of coke grains, as well as the relationship between mechanical parameters such as elastic modulus, flexural strength, critical stress intensity … Read more

Evaporation Characteristics of Graphite Electrode under High-Current Pulsed Arc

The thermal erosion effect of the gas switch arc is the main cause of electrode wear. The graphite electrode evaporates under the action of the arc and has an obvious mass loss after multiple discharges. The gas environment and electrode spacing in the switch are changed, resulting in reduced switching reliability. In order to study … Read more

What’s the “UHP” Mean in Graphite Electrodes?

Ultra-high power graphite electrode, referred to as UHP graphite electrode, is a conductive material used in electric arc furnace smelting. What’s the “UHP” Mean in Graphite Electrodes? Rongsheng graphite electrode manufacturer not only provides pre-sale technical support for graphite electrodes, but also has good after-sales service. Our customers are not stingy and continue to place … Read more

How to Avoid Graphite Electrode Breaking and Tripping During Steelmaking?

How to Avoid Graphite Electrode Breaking and Tripping During Steelmaking?   The following measures are taken during the steelmaking process to effectively avoid graphite electrode breakage and tripping: Thegraphite electrode phase sequence is correct, counterclockwise. The scrap steel is evenly distributed in the steel furnace, and large pieces of scrap steel should be placed at the … Read more

How to Improve the Quality of Ultra-High Power Graphite Electrode Nipples?

The production of high-strength and ultra-high-power graphite electrode nipples is the common goal pursued by every carbon company. Graphite electrode manufacturers have determined and optimized the production process technology route for producing ultra-high power graphite electrode nipples by analyzing and discussing the quality control of the raw materials, kneading, baking, and immersion processes, so as … Read more

Force and Loss of φ700mm UHP Graphite Electrode in Steelmaking

China, as one of the main producers and exporters of graphite electrodes, most of the products are high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. At present, domestic electrodes have accounted for 60% of the market for large-size, high-power, and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes below φ600mm. Since 1999, the production of graphite electrodes in China has not only continued … Read more