RP Graphite Electrode

Using petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials, coal asphalt as binder, RP Graphite Electrode is made through the production process of calcination, compounding, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and machining, which is the conductor that releases electric energy in the form of electric arc in electric arc furnace to heat and melt the furnace charge. The Graphite Electrode is mainly suitable for electric arc furnaces for steel making. Everyone who needs RP Graphite Electrode for smelting steel can Contact us for more details.

Various High Quality Graphite Electrode Sales From Rongsheng Company
Various High Quality Graphite Electrode Sales From Rongsheng

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    RP Graphite Electrode Uses

    RP Graphite Electrode is manufactured for operation at currents with a density of not more than 17 A / cm2, which is mainly used for ordinary power electric furnaces such as steel making, silicon refining, and yellowing phosphorus,etc.

    Advantages of RP Graphite Electrodes For Sale in RS

    • Our product is made of high quality low ash materials, such as petroleum coke, needle coke and coal pitch.
    • From calcining, burdening, kneading, forming, baking to pressure impregnation, graphitization, we pay attention to every detail to make it boutique.
    • We know machining is very important, so we precision machined with professional CNC machining to make sure high quality.
    • Such of the products own characteristics with low resistivity, good electrical conductivity, low ash, compact structure, good antioxidation and high mechanical strength.

    Meanwhile, RP Graphite Electrodes have the following features:

    • High-quality Graphite Electrode
    • For EAF steel arc furnace
    • Competitive price
    • Free consultation
    High Quality RP Graphite Electrode Sales From RS Factory
    High Quality RP Graphite Electrode Sales

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    RP Graphite Electrode Specification

    Specifications and Allowance

    Dimeter(mm)  Length(mm)
    Nominal Diameter Actual Diameter Nominal Length Allowance
    mm inch max min mm Short Dimension
    300 12 307 302 1600
    length Max Min
    350 14 357 352 ±100 -100 -275
    400 16 409 403
    450 18 460 454
    500 20 511 505 1600/1800/2000/2200
    ±100 -100 -275
    550 22 556 553
    600 24 613 607
    RP Graphite Electrode For Steel Making In RS Manufacturer
    RP Graphite Electrode For Steel Making

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    Technical Properties

    ITEM UNIT MMNPDIA 300-600mm
    RESISTIVITY (max) μΩm 9.0-10.5 8.5 8.0-9.0 7.5
    BENDING STRENGH (min) MPa 6.4-7.8 13 9.0-10 15
    ELASTIC MODULUS (max) GPa 9.3 14 9 13.7
    Ash (max) % 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
    BULK DENSITY (min) g/cm3 1.52 1.68 1.56-1.62 1.7
    CTE (max) (100-600℃) ×10-6/℃ 2.9 2.8 2.4 2.2
    RP Graphite Electrodes For Sale In RS Comapny
    RP Graphite Electrodes For Sale

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      Suggested Current-Capacities

      Nominal Diameter Suggested Current-Carrying Capaities Current Density
      mm inch
      300 12 10000-13000 14-18
      350 14 13500-18000 14-18
      400 16 18000-23500 14-18
      450 18 22000-27000 13-17
      500 20 25000-32000 13-16
      600 24 30000-36000 12-15

      Remarks: When used in elect s, recommend current capacity is 90% , and 110% when you for ladle.

      RP Graphite Electrode With Strong Packaging From RS Factory
      RP Graphite Electrode With Strong Packaging

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      Electrode Surface Quality

      Defect dimension
      Nominal Dianeter(mm)
      300-400 450-600
      Diameter 20-40 30-50
      Depth 5-10 10-15


      1. There should be less than two defects or holes on the electrode surface, the max size of which is mentioned in the above chart.
      2. There should be no transverse crack on the electrode surface. For the longitudinal crack, the length should be less than 5% of the electrode circumference and the width in between 0.3~1.0mm.
      3. The width of black area on electrode surface should be less than 1/10 of electrode circumference and the length less than 1/3 of electrode.
      RP Graphite Electrode For Sale In RS Factory
      RP Graphite Electrode For Sale In RS

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      Precautions When Using RP Graphite Electrode 

      1. Select the appropriate RP Graphite Electrode grade and diameter according to the capacity of EAF and transformer.
      2. Avoid damaging and moistening during the process of loading, unloading and storage. Wet electrodes should be dried. When lifting, needs to protect the electrode connector hole and the connector thread.
      3. When connecting the electrode, use compressed air to blow off the dust in the connector hole. When the holder is holding the electrode, be sure to avoid the connector area.
      4. The melting period is the most prone to break the electrode, so the operator should be carefully observed, timely lift the electrode.
      5. In the refining period, if carbon is added by the RP Graphite Electrode, the electrode immersed in the molten steel becomes thinner quickly and breaks easily or causes the joint to fall, resulting in increased electrode consumption. Therefore, by other means to increase carbon as far as possible.

      RP Graphite Electrode Manufacturer

      RS Kiln Refractory Company supplies RP, HP, and UHP and impregnated(IP) graphite electrodes with low electrical resistivity and ash worked in electric-arc furnace steelmaking, industrial silicon furnace and corundum furnace, etc.

      You can buy high quality graphite electrodes products directly from our factory and we can produce various specifications in accordance with our customer’s needs and requirements. So if you are searching for low price RP Graphite Electrode with the best quality, there is no doubt that RS will be your best choice, Contact us right away for getting what you want!

        High Quality Graphite Electrodes For Sale In Rongsheng Company. Leave Your Requirements For Price!