Relationship Between the Structure and Properties of Graphite Electrodes

Rongsheng graphite electrode manufacturer and sales manufacturer. The structure and mechanical properties of a superior graphite electrode change with radial position. It has a certain impact on structural parameters such as porosity and orientation angle of coke grains, as well as the relationship between mechanical parameters such as elastic modulus, flexural strength, critical stress intensity factor, and radial position. There is a significant correlation between the structural parameters, mechanical properties, and position of the graphite electrode. Density, elastic modulus, flexural strength, critical stress intensity factor, etc. all increase linearly with the distance from the electrode’s central axis. The porosity decreases linearly with distance. The cube of the average grain orientation angle decreases linearly with increasing distance. The changes in mechanical properties with position are mainly due to changes in structural parameters, porosity, and average grain orientation angle.

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How Can Steel Mills Reduce Graphite Electrode Consumption?

For steel plants, the consumption of graphite electrodes is an important part of their production consumption, second only to the consumption of raw materials and energy.

With the development of the electric furnace steelmaking industry and electric furnace steelmaking technology, improving electrode quality and reducing consumption have always been issues that people are concerned about. Moreover, the consumption rate of electrodes is also closely related to their structural properties. Therefore, the study of its structural properties and causes has a certain guiding significance for the production of high-quality graphite electrodes.

Relationship Between Structure and Properties of Graphite Electrodes

It is well known that the mechanical properties of graphite electrodes change with different radial positions. There is no doubt that this change depends on changes in the graphite electrode structure.

Both the structure and properties of graphite electrodes vary with their radial position. Volume density increases with distance from the central axis of the electrode and can be described by a linear function. The relationship between open porosity, closed porosity and total porosity and distance also obeys a linear law. The open porosity and total porosity decrease with the increase of distance, while the closed porosity is the opposite. The degree of preferred orientation of needle coke grains is enhanced with increasing distance from the axis. This change is manifested in the fact that both the average orientation angle of the grains and the standard deviation of the orientation angle decrease with increasing distance. The cause is the change in extrusion velocity gradient during the molding process. All mechanical property parameters increase with distance and can be well described by linear relationships. There is a good correlation between mechanical parameters, porosity, and average grain orientation angle. It shows that the changes in mechanical properties are mainly due to changes in porosity and grain orientation with radial position.

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