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With the development of high-tech and new technology and the increasing demand in the world, the sales of carbon products are gradually increasing, and the carbon industry in China is also showing a strong development trend. Graphite has a high temperature strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, better machinability and good thermal, electrical conductivity, so graphite electrode sale, widely used in metallurgy, electric furnace, edm and other fields.


Graphite-electrodes for sale
Graphite electrodes for sale

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Graphite electrode is used in electric furnace smelting steel, yellow phosphorus, brown corundum, silicon metal and other conductive materials. Electric furnace steelmaking is the most advanced steelmaking method in the world. Therefore, the potential of graphite electrode sale in the market is very large.

Notes for graphite electrode use:

1. Please choose the appropriate electrode grade and electrode diameter according to the furnace capacity and transformer capacity;

2. When charging an electric furnace, the bulk material should be placed near the bottom of the furnace in order to reduce the impact of the charge on the electrode when it falls down. At the same time, do not use a large number of non-conductive objects such as lime to gather under the electrode, affecting the electrification or breaking of the electrode;

3. Pay attention to the location of the cover. When the electrode is rising or falling, it will rub the furnace cover and damage the electrode.

4. A set of connected graphite electrodes shall not be placed horizontally to avoid breaking;

5. When connecting the electrodes, if the joint bolt is found to fall off, the joint bolt should be filled and used for connection;

6. It is necessary to find out the reason of the gap after electrode connection and eliminate the gap before using;

7. The electrode should be used vertically to avoid tilt operation;

8. Correct connection position of electrode and connector;

9. The electrode holder should be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode.


Graphite electrode price
Graphite electrode price

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