Notice For Graphite Electrodes

Graphite is very common in nature, and graphene is the strongest material known to man.In addition to being extremely strong, graphene has a unique set of properties. It is the most conductive material known at present, which makes it also has great potential in the field of microelectronics. So,today we are going to take a look at some of the things to note about the use of graphite electrodes,to help us understand more about graphite electrodes.


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Notice for graphite electrodes:

1.The wet graphite electrode should be dried before use.

2.Remove the foam protective cap on the spare graphite electrode hole and check the internal thread of the electrode hole for completeness.

3.Clean the surface of the spare graphite electrode and the hole thread with compressed air free of oil and water.

4.Carefully screw the joint into the electrode hole at one end of the spare graphite electrode without striking the thread.

5.Screw the electrode spreader (graphite spreader is recommended) into the electrode hole at the other end of the standby electrode.

6.When lifting the electrode, it is necessary to pad a soft object under one end of the spare electrode fitting joint to prevent the ground from touching the joint. After the lifting hook is extended into the lifting ring of the lifting tool, the lifting electrode should be stable to prevent the electrode from colliding with other fixed devices.


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