Recovery Of Graphite Electrodes

A graphite electrode is widely used as a consumable, which contributes to the formation of graphite electrode waste. Can graphite electrodes be restored?

With the continuous development of the industry, the use of graphite electrode is more and more widely. It has been used in metallurgy, electric furnace, EDM processing and other fields.


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The steelmaking furnace is the use of graphite electrodes, graphite electrodes make up 70% to 80% of the total, demand on graphite electrodes, a long production cycle, a complex production process. In the production process of steelmaking will produce some dust and harmful gases, the need to take the perfect vein dust extraction and eliminate harmful gas measurements , Steel mills used waste graphite electrode suspension material can be used in an atomizer, mechanical UltraFine graphite powder processing mill to achieve reuse.

Graphite electrodes scrap can also be used as a battery anode material lithium ion, graphite electrode scrap can also be used as negative material for lithium-ion batteries. Using hydrogen
peroxide as an oxidizing agent, Modification of the oxidation of the liquid phase was carried out on artificial graphite electrode waste. Production of the highest power graphite electrode in the amount of waste and electrode. Cutting solid particles, annual losses of nearly 30 million RMB. If the waste is recycled and treated as a lithium-ion battery (LIB) negative active material, This will not only save the country a huge amount of money, energy, material and environmental pollution, but also contribute to the rapid development of electricity tion carbon industry, graphite electrodes recovery is essential.


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