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Graphite electrode is a necessary consumable material for steelmaking in electric arc furnace.

According to the operation trend of graphite electrode in recent years, it can be concluded that the change trend of graphite price in 2016 was gentle, and the price changed at the end of April 2017, among which the price of ultra-high power and high-power graphite increased more than 3 times than that in 2016.  Prices in 2018 are on a downward trend, but not volatile.  Recently, the price of steel after a wave of rapid decline, graphite electrode market prices.  Why does the price of graphite electrodes fluctuate so much? Today, let’s discuss together!


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As the global requirements for the environment are more and more strict, and the implementation of environmental protection production limit policy, some manufacturers of graphite electrode production capacity halved, and some face the situation of shutdown, waiting for work, which makes the production of graphite electrode decreased, corresponding will cause the price rise. Of course, the graphite electrode manufactured by our factory will definitely meet the engineering needs of all customers.

According to statistics, the inventory of graphite electrode of most manufacturers shows a downward trend. The decrease in inventory represents an increase in demand, also cited price instability.

The main raw material of graphite electrode is needle coke. In addition to graphite products, needle coke is also used in the rapidly growing lithium ion battery industry, further strengthening the demand.

The production process of graphite electrode is various. The production cycle of ordinary power graphite electrode is more than 50 days, and the ultra-high power needs at least 65 days. It’s also consumable. That is one reason why prices are affected.  From above we can conclude that the price of graphite is affected by many factors.


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