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Graphite electrode is a kind of high temperature resistant graphite electrode material which is made of petroleum coke and needle coke as aggregate and coal pitch as clay agent through a series of production processes such as kneading, molding, roasting, dipping, graphitization and mechanical processing.


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High quality Graphite electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for steelmaking in electric furnace. The principle is that the graphite electrode is used to input electric energy into the electric furnace. The excellent physical and chemical properties of graphite electrode are also widely used in other industrial construction. Welcome to consult and purchase.

The ingredients of the product are the production process of calculating, weighing and focusing aggregate and powder and adhesives of various particle sizes according to the requirements. The scientific nature, suitability and stability of the formulation are the important factors that affect the quality and performance of the product.


High Quality Graphite Electrode

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The thermal expansion coefficient of graphite electrode is a very important thermal parameter. We are a professional graphite electrode manufacturing supplier, the product quality is high, the production experience is rich, the technology is superb, welcome the user who has the purchase demand, quick to contact us, we will provide the best quality service for you.