What’s the “UHP” Mean in Graphite Electrodes?

Ultra-high power graphite electrode, referred to as UHP graphite electrode, is a conductive material used in electric arc furnace smelting. What’s the “UHP” Mean in Graphite Electrodes? Rongsheng graphite electrode manufacturer not only provides pre-sale technical support for graphite electrodes, but also has good after-sales service. Our customers are not stingy and continue to place orders from us.

UHP Graphite Electrode from Rongsheng
UHP Graphite Electrode from Rongsheng

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What does the abbreviation of UHP graphite electrode mean?

UHP is an acronym for ultra high power. Graphite electrodes can be divided into three types: RP, HP and UHP according to power. It is a kind of conductive consumable used in electric arc furnace steelmaking, and the scrap steel is melted by generating an electric arc between the electrode and the scrap steel through an electric current.

UHP graphite electrode

UHP graphite electrode consists of electrode body and electrode joint.

The diameter of UHP graphite electrode is 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm.

UHP graphite electrodes are used in ultra-high power electric arc furnace steelmaking. It has the characteristics of low resistivity (4.2 ~ 5.8μΩ·m), high bulk density, high mechanical strength, small linear expansion coefficient and excellent oxidation resistance. It can shorten the steelmaking time and improve production efficiency. Reduce electricity consumption and reduce graphite electrode consumption. Its physical and chemical indicators are better than RP and HP graphite electrodes.

Rongsheng Graphite Electrodes
Rongsheng Graphite Electrodes

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φ700mm Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode and Nipple

φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode is a high-temperature-resistant graphite conductive material used in large-capacity ultra-high power DC electric arc furnaces. Because of its high technical content and extremely complicated manufacturing process, its products sell well in domestic and foreign markets. The graphite electrode manufacturing plant can produce φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrodes. The φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode nipple acts as a connection to withstand more stringent smelting requirements in the electric furnace. Therefore, in the manufacture of φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrodes, the production process of joints is more complicated and the technical requirements are higher.

Preparation process of φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode

The invention relates to a preparation process of a φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode, which belongs to the technical field of graphite electrode preparation technology. The existing ultra-high power graphite electrode has technical problems such as low flexural strength, high elastic modulus, and poor customer use effect. The preparation process of φ700mm ultra-high power graphite electrode includes the following process steps. 1) Ingredients; 2) Kneading paste; 3) Extrusion; 4) Primary roasting; 5) Impregnation; 6) Secondary roasting; 7) Graphitization treatment; 8) Machining. The process is simple and easy to operate, the production efficiency is high, and the prepared graphite electrode has the advantages of high performance.

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