What are the Suppliers of the High-Power Graphite Electrodes?

Knowledge about graphite electrodes, as a good conductor of electricity, there are many other excellent characteristics of graphite electrodes. what are the suppliers of the high-power graphite electrodes? This article will make you understand the application of high-power graphite electrodes by understanding the main advantages of graphite, the main raw material of graphite electrodes.

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Graphite electrode factory
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Graphite electrode manufacturing
Graphite electrode manufacturing
Graphite electrode manufacturing

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The Advantages of Graphite

  1. High-temperature resistance

The melting point of graphite is 3850±50℃. Even if it is burned by an ultra-high temperature arc, the weight loss is very small, and the thermal expansion coefficient is also small. The strength of graphite increases with increasing temperature, and at 2000°C, the strength of graphite doubles.

  1. Good electrical and thermal conductivity

The conductivity of graphite is one hundred times higher than that of ordinary non-metallic minerals. The thermal conductivity exceeds that of metal materials such as steel, iron, and lead. The thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and even at extremely high temperatures, graphite acts as a thermal insulator. Graphite can conduct electricity because each carbon atom in graphite forms only 3 covalent bonds with other carbon atoms, and each carbon atom still retains 1 free electron to transport charges.

  1. Excellent thermal shock resistance

Graphite has good thermal shock resistance. When the temperature changes suddenly, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, and it has good thermal stability. Cracks will not occur when the temperature is rapidly cooled and heated.

  1. Good chemical stability

Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature and is resistant to acid, alkali, and organic solvent corrosion.

Application of High Power Graphite Electrode

Due to the many good characteristics of the graphite electrode, it can be used stably under various working conditions. Thereby saving a lot of production costs.

  1. For electric arc steelmaking furnace

Electric furnace steelmaking is to use graphite electrodes to introduce current into the furnace, and the strong current generates arc discharge through gas at the lower end of the electrode, and the heat generated by the arc is used for smelting. According to the capacity of the electric furnace, graphite electrodes of different diameters are used. In order to use the electrodes continuously, the electrodes are connected by electrode screw joints.

  1. For submerged thermal electric furnace

Graphite electrode submerged electric furnace is mainly used to produce ferroalloy, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, matte, and calcium carbide. Its characteristic is that the lower part of the conductive electrode is buried in the charge, so in addition to the heat generated by the arc between the electric plate and the charge, heat is also generated by the resistance of the charge when the current passes through the charge.

  1. For resistance furnace

Graphitization furnaces for the production of graphite products, furnaces for melting glass, and electric furnaces for the production of silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The material loaded in the furnace is both a heating resistor and an object to be heated. Usually, the conductive graphite electrode is inserted into the furnace headwall at the end of the hearth, so the conductive electrode is not continuously consumed.

what are the suppliers of the high-power graphite electrodes?

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