Application Field of Graphite Electrode

With the development of graphite technology, graphite electrode has been widely used in our daily life.The graphite electrode is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke. According to its quality index, it can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode and ultra-high power graphite electrode.Next, let’s take a look at the application field of graphite electrode.


High quality graphite electrode

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Application field of graphite electrode:

1.  Used in arc furnace. Electric steelmaking is a major use of graphite electrodes. The output of electric furnace steel in China accounts for about 18% of the crude steel output, and the graphite electrode for steelmaking accounts for 70% ~ 80% of the total amount of graphite electrode.Electric furnace steelmaking is carried out by using the graphite electrode to introduce current into the furnace and the high-temperature heat source generated by electric arc between the electric extremity and the charge.

2. Used for mine electric furnace. arc furnace is mainly used in the production of industrial yellow phosphorus and silicon, etc., its characteristic is the lower part of the conductive electrode buried in furnace charge, arc formed within the material layer, and use the furnace charge itself from the resistance of the heat energy to heating furnace charge, one of the high current density required -arc furnace with graphite electrode, such as silicon 1 t per production to consumption of graphite electrode is about 100 kg, per 1 t yellow phosphorus production to consumption of graphite electrode, about 40 kg.

3. Used for resistance furnace.The graphitization furnace for producing graphite products, the melting furnace for melting glass and the electric furnace for producing silicon carbide all belong to the resistance furnace. The materials in the furnace are not only the heating resistance but also the heated object. Generally, the graphite electrode for conducting electricity is embedded in the furnace head wall at the end of the resistance furnace and used for the discontinuous consumption of the graphite electrode here.

4. Used for preparing special graphite products.Graphite electrode blank is also used for processing various crucible, mold, boat dish and heating body and other shaped graphite products. For example, in the quartz glass industry, 10t of graphite electrode billet is required for every 1t of electric fuse. Each production of 1t quartz brick requires 100kg of graphite electrode blank.


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Graphite electrode has many advantages, such as easy machining, high removal rate and low graphite loss.As a result, most customers have abandoned copper electrodes in favour of graphite ones. In addition, some special shape electrodes can not be made of copper, but graphite is easier to shape, and the copper electrode is heavy, not suitable for processing large electrical grade, all these factors cause the user to choose to use graphite electrodes.

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