Graphite Electrode and A Conventional Electrode

The difference between a graphite electrode and a carbon electrode: Graphite and carbon rods are similar, but their properties are different.In terms of price, graphite products are more expensive,
in terms of appearance, the carbon rods are completely black and the graphite electrodes are gray- black, with a metallic color.With regard to welding, welding of electrodes using carbon electrodes
requires certain skills of the welder, since the arc of the enormous temperature created by the carbon rod can lead to the destruction of the welding line and, which leads to significant temperature readings at low current current.


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Graphite electrodes do not require complicated skills, while using wire they are also more practical and universal. Compared to coal, they are easier to process and have flexible connections. In terms of characteristics, Carbon products characterized by very high strength and durability.

Due to the high resistance, their conductivity is slightly less. In order to operate a carbon electrode, the need to use a special tool, welding is a little difficult.

The difference between a graphite electrode and a copper electrode : Lightweight, Less dense than a quarter of copper, the electrodes are easy to hold and safe to transport. The processing speed of graphite is fast, the overall processing speed of graphite is 3-5 times faster than that of ordinary metal.

Graphite is well processed, implements complex geometric shapes, Some forms of electrodes with copper are not easy to manufacture. Graphite EDM (electrospark processing) is fast and low loss. Melting point of copper is 1083 ℃, while EDM temperature is at 1100 ℃ , Relative copper are relatively easy to consume and carry after EDM.


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Currently, more and more factories are converting to graphite processing. Reduce product lead time to increase market competitiveness.