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The graphite electrode produced by our company selects high quality petroleum coke, needle coke, coal asphalt and other low ash raw materials. After calcination, batching, kneading, molding, roasting and pressure impregnation, it is graphitized at a high temperature above 3000℃ and then processed mechanically. The graphite has the characteristics of low resistivity, good conductivity, low ash content, compact and uniform structure, good oxidation resistance and high mechanical strength. Graphite electrode manufacturers can do free direct oxidation treatment, cost – saving performance.


Graphite electrode manufacturers
Graphite electrode manufacturers

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Graphite electrode can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra-high power according to its quality index.

1. Ordinary power graphite electrode

Graphite electrode with current density lower than 17A/cm2 is allowed. It is mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces for steelmaking, silicon refining and yellow phosphorus refining.

2. Graphite electrode with antioxidant coating

The surface is coated with a layer of anti-oxidation protective layer of graphite electrode, forming a conductive and high- temperature oxidation resistant protective layer, reducing the consumption of electrode in steelmaking.

3. High power graphite electrode

Graphite electrodes with current densities of 18 ~ 25A/cm2 are allowed, mainly used in high-power arc furnaces for steelmaking.

4. Ultra-high power graphite electrode

Graphite electrodes with current densities greater than 25A/cm2 are allowed. Mainly used for ultra high power steelmaking arc furnace.


Graphite electrode characteristic
Graphite electrode characteristic

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The graphite products supplied by graphite electrode manufacturers are characterized by low resistivity, good conductivity, good oxidation resistance, strong thermal shock and mechanical vibration resistance, high mechanical strength and high machining strength. We can provide customers with the most suitable product supply solutions according to the furnace type, transformer size, current strength and so on. High quality products, high quality service and reasonable price have enabled us to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with many customers at home and abroad. Choose us and you will be reassured.

Graphite electrode is a conductive material for smelting iron and steel, yellow phosphorus, brown corundum and silicon metal in electric furnace. At present, electric furnace steelmaking is the most advanced steelmaking method in the world. The output of electric furnace steel in developed countries accounts for more than 80% of the total output, while the output of electric furnace steel in developing countries is very small. Therefore, the potential market of graphite electrode is very large. Moreover, only a dozen countries in the world produce graphite electrodes, and the carbon industry in developed countries is in a declining and shrinking state compared with that in developing countries. Therefore, with the progress of high-tech and new technologies and the increase in the demand of all countries in the world, the sales of carbon products are increasing year by year, and the carbon industry is bound to present a strong development trend. We are a professional graphite electrode manufacturers, committed to producing a variety of high-quality graphite products, reliable quality, reasonable price, welcome to consult.

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