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As is known to all, graphite electrode is a high-temperature conductive material made by a series of complicated processes with petroleum coke and needle coke as raw materials and coal bitumen as binder. Graphite electrodes are essential when the furnace is in operation. According to the power can be divided into ultra high power,RP graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode.


HP graphite electrode price

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HP graphite electrodes function is to provide electric energy when smelting alloy or metal in electric arc furnace, and the arc electrode formed will melt and heat the charge.

High power graphite electrodes are produced from fine petroleum coke (or low grade needle coke). Sometimes the electrode body needs to be impregnated compared with ordinary power graphite electrode, its performance is higher and its resistivity is lower. HP graphite electrode allows current density of 18~25A/ cm 2. It is mainly used in high power electric arc furnace for steelmaking.


HP graphite electrode features:


1. Low loss and good conductivity;
2. Low resistivity and high oxidation resistance;
3. Good flexural strength and low thermal expansion coefficient;
4. Good surface finish and high machining accuracy.


HP graphite electrode supply

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