Regular Power Graphite Electrodes For Sale

Regular power graphite electrodes is a kind of commonly used consumption material. The regularpower graphite electrode provides the electric power input in the electric furnace, thus forms the arc electrode, and releases the electric energy to make the furnace charge melt and heat.Good RP graphite electrode has unique high conductivity and excellent thermal stability. It is an excellent material for electric steelmaking and ore furnace smelting.


Regular power graphite electrode

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A small amount of bituminous coke can be added to the regular power graphite electrode. The sulfur content of petroleum coke and bituminous coke should not exceed 0.5%, which should meet the relevant quality standards. This series of graphite electrodes allows current density less than 17A/ cm 2. It is mainly used in ordinary power electric furnace for steelmaking, silicon smelting and yellow phosphorus smelting.

Regular power graphite electrode features:

1. Low sulfur and low ash content;

2. Good oxidation resistance and low cracking probability;

3. Good surface finish and high machining accuracy;

4. Good electrical conductivity and low resistivity.

The regular power graphite electrodes of general power (EG-RP) are manufactured for operation at currents with a density of not more than 17 A / cm2, which is mainly used for ordinary power electric furnaces such as steel making, silicon refining, and yellowing phosphorus,etc.


Regular power graphite electrode manufacturer

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RS Kiln Refractory Company supplies RP, HP, and UHP and impregnated(IP) graphite electrodes with low electrical resistivity and ash worked in electric-arc furnace steelmaking, industrial silicon furnace and corundum furnace, etc. Welcome to buy graphite electrode in demand, come to contact us, we will wholeheartedly serve you.