Graphite Electrode Production Characteristics

Graphite has good high temperature strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, good machinability and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, graphite electrode is widely used in metallurgy, electric furnace, edm and other fields.In the aspect of edm, the development of new graphite electrode material and its processing technology has expanded the application range of EDM and improved its performance.


Graphite electrode production

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Compared with copper electrode, graphite electrode has the advantages of small consumption of electrode, fast processing speed, good machining performance, high machining accuracy, small thermal deformation, light weight, easy surface treatment, high temperature resistance, high processing temperature, electrode can be bonded etc.

In the application of graphite electrode, less power energy is consumed, which saves electricity consumption per unit of steelmaking and production cost. As the graphite electrode is changed less frequently, the amount of labor and danger of operation workers are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

Graphite electrode according to its quality index,it can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode and ultra-high power graphite electrode.


Professional graphite electrode

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