Introduction Of Graphite Electrodes

A graphite electrode is petroleum coke and needle coke as a raw material, and bitumen coal as a binder, High-temperature conductive graphite material produced by a series of process processes. Graphite electrodes are often used to consume materials. This is necessary when the steel furnace is working.

Graphite electrodes work when alloying an alloy or metal in an electric furnace, providing electrical inputs, thus forming arc electrodes. To release electrical energy to make the heating material melt.


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Use of graphite electrodes:

1.Positive electrode for the manufacture of electrodes, carbon rods and carbon pipes in the electrical industry.

2.Used to manufacture wire welding joints of various metals, such as copper, steel, aluminum cast iron and so on.

3.Electric arc furnaces and melting furnaces are used in steel mills, silicon plants and other factories.


Graphite electrode properties:

1.Unique high conductivity
2.Low resistivity
3.Good thermal stability
4.Low coefficient of thermal expansion
5.Good bending strength
6.Low thermal conductivity
7.Reasonably priced and heated quickly
8.Consumes less energy and saves electricity


How graphite electrodes are formed :

1.According to the graphite mold method using different equipment, the products produced are also different;

2.Using a vertical molded hydraulic press, the main products are electric low level graphite;

3.Use of horizontal hydraulic extruder, extruder mold screw extruder, main products are graphite electrode, square electrode;

4.Using vibration forming machine, mainly products for aluminum carbon brick, blast furnace carbon brick;

5.The use of isostatic molding machine and other voltage molding machine , the main product is isotropic graphite, heterogeneous graphite.


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