Types of Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrodes are widely used in the metallurgical industry as consumables with a high temperature and unique stability. A graphite electrode provides electricity for the smelting of metals
and alloys in an electric furnace. The different sizes of the furnace capacity, with the diameter of the graphite electrode are also different, the shape of the processing of the graphite electrode is cylindrical, and machining with a threaded area at each end.


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In order to make continuous use of the electrode, the electrode is threaded by the connection between the electrodes. According to various quality indicators ordinary power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode, ultra high power graphite electrode.

A conventional power graphite electrode is also called a graphite molded column to allow a current density through a graphite electrode of less than 17 A / cm 2 , Mainly used in steelmaking, yellow phosphorus, silicon and other ordinary power electric furnaces.

High power graphite electrode wire material for steelmaking of an electric arc furnace, which is made of petroleum coke, needle coke, coal asphalt, and high-temperature wire material produced by a series of strict process processes Sov. A high current line passes through the port of the graphite electrode in the furnace body, and releases electric energy in the arc furnace to heat the furnace in order to melt the material. In order to allow the current density through the graphite electrode to 18 ~ 25A / km 2, mainly used in a high-power steelmaking arc furnace.

Ultrahigh graphite electrodes are used to recycle steel in the arc furnace industry. The main ingredient is high-quality needle coke made from oil or coal tar. In order to allow the current density through the graphite electrode to be larger than 25A / cm 2. Mainly used for ultra-high power steelmaking electric arc furnace. In order to meet higher working efficiency and lower overall cost, electric arc furnace high-capacity ultra-high power will be more and more popular.


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