The Composition of Graphite Electrodes

The graphite electrode is commonly used in the electric consumption material of steelmaking of the furnace, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering and other fields.


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The composite material of the graphite electrode for petroleum coke and needle coke, coal asphalt as a bonding agent, by roasting, dosing , kneading, pressing, firing, graphitization, machining. The role of a graphite electrode is to provide input power during smelting of an alloy or metal in an electric furnace, thereby forming an arcuate electrode, releasing electrical energy for melting and heating the material.

Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray solid oil with a metallic luster, porous, is a granular carbon consisting of small crystals of graphite, columnar or needle composition. The component of petroleum coke is hydrocarbons. , Carbon 90-97%, hydrogen 1.5 -8.% , Also contains nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds.

According to the total sulfur content of more than 3%, to distinguish between high sulfur petroleum coke and low sulfur petroleum coke. Low sulfur petroleum coke is high quality The resource used in the production of electrolytes as components for the production of electrodes, anodes and electrodes for the production of steel, and petroleum coke for the production of raw materials is a necessary material. While sour petroleum coke is mainly used as fuel in industries such as electricity , glass, cement, industrial silicon, silicon carbide, etc.

Needle coke looks like a silver gray, metallic shiny porous solid , with visible needle structures and fiber texture, mainly used in graphite electrode, lithium battery, nuclear energy, aerospace and other fields for steelmaking of electric furnace. has strict quality requirements for sulfur, ash, volatiles and true density , Therefore, the production process and raw materials of needle coke have general requirements.

Coal tar bitumen is artificial asphalt obtained by distillation of tar, and then processed by distillation. Usually a solid or semi-solid, or viscous liquid. At room temperature for black cones, glossy; odor, easy to burn melting, toxic, secondary flammable solids. It can be used to make coatings, electrodes, asphalt coke, oil felt, etc., It can also be used as raw material for fuel and soot asphalt.


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