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As is known to all, graphite electrode as a common consumption material in eaf steelmaking and smelting, is made of petroleum coke, needle coke and coal bitumen as a binder through molding, roasting, dipping, graphenization and mechanical processing. According to its specification and quality index, divided into ordinary power, high power, ultra high power graphite electrode.


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This type of graphite electrode is shaped like a cylinder with a thread area at each end. The joint matching the graphite electrode is an accessory of the graphite electrode to complete the assembly of the whole electrode. Dimensions are generally 200-500 mm in diameter and 1700-1900 mm in length.

The ultra high power graphite electrode adopts high-quality needle coke as the main raw material, which is made strictly by crushing, sifting, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, high-pressure dipping, secondary roasting, graphitization, machining and other processes. The graphitization heat treatment is carried out in the graphitization furnace, and the temperature is up to 2800-3000°C. Therefore, it has lower resistivity and higher current density.

Ultra high power graphite electrode allows current density greater than 25A/ cm 2, mainly used in ultra-high power steelmaking arc furnace. In order to meet the requirements of higher working efficiency and lower total cost, high-capacity ultra-high power arc furnace is more and more popular. So UHP graphite electrodes with a diameter of more than 500 mm will dominate the market.


Ultra high power graphite electrode

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