Use of Graphite Electrodes

As an essential consumer material, graphite electrode is becoming more and more popular in the market. How to use graphite electrode correctly? The graphite electrode can be used more effectively when used correctly. Next, let’s understand and discuss together.

Graphite electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for steelmaking in electric furnace. Its function is to input electric energy into electric furnace, and use the high temperature generated by arc reaction between electrode point and charge as heat source to melt charge for steelmaking.


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Notice for the use of graphite electrode is as follows:

  1. First of all, according to the furnace capacity and equipped with the transformer capacity to choose the appropriate electrode diameter and properties.
  2. When charging into the electric furnace, the bulk material should be installed near the bottom of the electric furnace (in order to reduce the impact on the electrode during the collapse of the furnace material). Please pay attention to not using lime and other non- conductive objects to gather directly under the electrode in large quantities, which will affect the electrification or break the electrode.
  3. Correct position of furnace cover (avoid touching the furnace cover and damaging the electrode)
  4. The connected electrodes should not be placed horizontally to avoid breaking.
  5. When connecting electrodes, check whether the connector bolt falls off (if it falls off, make up the connector bolt before connecting)
  6. If the gap is found after the electrode is connected, the reason should be found out, and the gap can be used only after it disappears.
  7. Electrodes should be used vertically to avoid tilting.
  8. Pay attention to the correct connection between the electrode and the joint (the gap between the correct connection between the electrode and the joint is less than 0.05mm)
  9. The electrode gripper shall be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode.


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