Graphite Electrode Composition

The graphite electrode is composed of petroleum coke and needle coke, and the coal pitch, as the binder, is made by calcining, batching, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and machining. It is a kind of consumptive material commonly used in electric furnace steelmaking. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.


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The function of graphite electrode is to provide electric power input when smelting alloy or metal in electric furnace, thus forming arc electrode, releasing electric energy to melt and heat the charge.

Petroleum coke is a hard solid petroleum product that is black or dark gray. It has a metallic luster and is porous. Petroleum coke is composed of hydrocarbons, 90 to 97 percent carbon, 1.5 to 8 percent hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds. Generally, high sulfur petroleum coke and low sulfur petroleum coke are distinguished according to whether the sulfur content is higher than 3%. Low sulfur petroleum coke is a kind of high quality and scarce resource. Graphite electrode is mainly used as raw materials for producing anode for electrolytic aluminum and electrode for steelmaking. High sulfur petroleum coke is mainly used as fuel in electric power, glass, cement, industrial silicon, silicon carbide and other industries.

Needle coke is a silver-gray porous solid with metallic luster, with obvious needle structure and fiber texture. It is mainly used in the fields of graphite electrode for electric furnace steelmaking, lithium battery, nuclear power, aerospace and so on. Because needle coke has strict quality requirements in sulfur content, ash content, volatile content and true density, the production process and raw materials of needle coke have special requirements.

Bitumen is a kind of artificial bitumen, which is made by distillation of coal tar. It’s usually a solid or semi-solid, or a viscous liquid. At room temperature, it is black and shiny. Odor, easy to burn when melting, toxic, belongs to the second class flammable solid. It can be used for making coating, electrode, asphalt coke, felt, etc. It can also be used as fuel and
Bitumen carbon black raw material.


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