Graphite Electrode Characteristics

Graphite electrode introduction many advantages, quick processing, easy operation, high EDM metal removal rate, low graphite loss. As a result, many die factories have replaced the traditional copper electrode with graphite electrode. Now, let’s understand the advantages of graphite electrode.


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Introduction of graphite electrode:

1. The graphite electrode is 5 times lighter than the copper electrode. In the long term EDM machine tool spindle accuracy damage is small, handling is also very safe.

2. Graphite has a very high processing speed, the processing speed of ordinary graphite is 3-5 times faster than ordinary metal. And choose the suitable hardness of the tool and graphite, can reduce the tool wear and electrode loss.

3. Graphite electrodes forming is very easy and does not deform. There are some shapes of electrodes that can be easily achieved by graphite processing.

4. The graphite electrode in EDM can be used with a large current and processing speed, do not worry about the workpiece because the temperature is too high deformation and damage.

5. Generally speaking, the graphite does not need polishing after processing. This reduces the accuracy error of the electrode after forming, thus shortening the production cycle.

6. The EDM of graphite is fast and the loss is small. With reasonable machining parameters, the graphite electrode can achieve zero loss in theoretical sense. Thus, the number of electrode reprocessing is avoided.


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