How to Improve the Quality of Ultra-High Power Graphite Electrode Nipples?

The production of high-strength and ultra-high-power graphite electrode nipples is the common goal pursued by every carbon company. Graphite electrode manufacturers have determined and optimized the production process technology route for producing ultra-high power graphite electrode nipples by analyzing and discussing the quality control of the raw materials, kneading, baking, and immersion processes, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the bulk density and flexural strength of the nipples.

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The rapid development of electric arc furnace steelmaking technology is also driving the continuous progress of China’s domestic electric furnace steelmaking technology. Therefore, graphite electrodes are also developing towards large-scale ultra-high power, and steel mills have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of ultra-high power graphite electrodes. The joint is a key connecting part of the graphite electrode. During the use of the graphite electrode, its quality is very important to electric furnace steelmaking production. In actual use, the electrode is often broken due to poor joint quality, which seriously affects the normal use of the electrode.

Causes of Graphite Electrode Nipples Breaking in the Process of Electric Furnace Steelmaking

In the actual production process of electric furnace steelmaking, there are many reasons for graphite electrode nipple breakage. However, the main reasons for the quality of the nipples are summarized in the following aspects.

  • First, the internal quality of the joint is poor, that is, the physical and chemical indexes of the graphite electrode nipple cannot meet the requirements of use.
  • Second, there is a problem with the fit between the electrode’s nipple and the body, that is, the processing quality is poor.
  • The third is that the physical and chemical indexes of the electrode nipple and the body are too different, and the matching is unreasonable.
Graphite Electrodes used in EAF Furnace
Graphite Electrodes used in EAF Furnace

According to many years of practical experience, the large-size ultra-high-power graphite electrodes produced in China are not far behind foreign electrodes in terms of body quality. The main problem reported by users is the poor quality of the electrode nipples. The poor quality of the joints affects and restricts the normal use of graphite electrodes. It can be seen from the comparison of the quality index of ultra-high nipples in Japan that the domestic electrode nipples are far behind foreign nipples in terms of bulk density and flexural strength. Therefore, the production of high-density and ultra-high-power graphite electrode nipples to further improve the flexural strength of graphite electrode nipples has become an important topic for improving the quality of ultra-high-power graphite electrode nipples.

Methods for improving the quality of ultra-high power graphite electrode nipples

Chinese graphite electrode manufacturers have conducted in-depth research and discussion on how to improve the bulk density and strength physical and chemical indicators of the ultra-high nipples by starting from the improvement of the intrinsic quality of the ultra-high nipples. And through the test of a certain batch of products, the process has been improved in several aspects such as raw materials, kneading, roasting, and impregnation. In addition to the study of the influence of different process conditions on the bulk density of the electrode nipple, the process method for producing high-strength electrode nipples is determined.

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  • 1) Selected raw materials. The selection of needle coke with excellent performance is the fundamental guarantee for the production of high-density, high-strength, and ultra-high graphite electrode nipples.
  • 2) Appropriate use of additives can effectively inhibit the “flatulence” behavior, and can effectively improve the physical and chemical properties of the joint product such as true density, bulk density, and flexural strength.
  • 3) Choosing a reasonable second-burning process system can effectively increase the coking amount of the dipped pitch during the roasting process. It is very important to improve the bulk density and strength of the joint.
  • 4) Formulating a reasonable dipping holding time is an effective measure to improve the dipping quality.

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