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We supply various grades of high quality Graphite Electrodes such as Regular Power(RP),Impregnated/High Density(HD),High Power(HP),Ultra High Power(UHP).Every & each HP graphite electrodes for sale we are offering with tapered nipple meets the internationally accepted tolerances as per standards of YB/T / NEMA / IEC / JIS. Welcome to consult us.


Graphite electrode for sale

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Our Graphite Electrodes are widely used at steel plants in electric arc furnace & refine ladle furnaces both at home and abroad.We supply high quality High Power (HP) Grade Graphite Electrodes with very competitive price. Our HP graphite electrodes for sale are prefered to be chosed by lot of steel plants and put in use of electric arc furnace & refine ladle furnaces.

RS group its business including industries of metallurgy, iron and steel, solar photovoltaic, optoelectronic, semiconductors, chemicals, etc. Our sells in a niche market in Europe, America and Southeast Asia with its products ranging from hot zone parts, continuous casting dies, graphite electrodes, graphite parts, graphite components, heat exchanger graphite pyrolytic graphite, graphene oxide, etc., obtaining a good reputation from among the customers in those regions.

The leading production of our company includes regular power graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode as well as ultra high power graphite electrode. The main sizes of graphite electrode isΦ250- Φ450mm.We establish a reasonable industrial link and a free marketing channel. The product is sold in domestics and overseas, which exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other counties and regions. Welcome to consult and purchase.

HP graphite electrodes for sale, mainly used for the electric arc furnace to smelt the molten steel and used for the refining furnace such as AOD VOD LF furnaces in the steel and non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry.


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We are the high quality graphite electrodes manufacturer, the production experience is rich, the technical force is strong, the product quality is superior, welcome the general user consultation purchases the graphite product.

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