Prospects For Development Of Graphite Electrodes

Electric furnace steelmaking is currently the world’s most advanced method of steelmaking, consuming the material that is needed — a graphite electrode, a graphite electrode can think about the
development prospects should not be underestimated.


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The prospects for the development of graphite electrodes are closely related to the development of the steel market in an electric furnace.

According to relevant information, steel production in 2018 increased by 43% to 105 million tons. countries are pursuing policies related to reducing energy emissions in the steel industry.Steelmaking of an electric furnace will be a development trend in the future.

The potential of graphite electrodes in the market is very large, only ten countries produce graphite electrodes,In 2017, the consumption of graphite electrodes abroad increased by 10%-56%, As the technology develops and demand in different countries grows, carbon industry will tend to rapid development.

Graphite electrode is a consumed product, the usual production of graphite electrode takes more than 50 days, the super cycle of high power production is up to 65 days, the consumption intensity is huge, tons of steel consumption are in 1. 2 ~ 2.5 kg / TON, 100 tons of consumption of the initial installation of the arc furnace ac 5 .34 ~ 7.12 tons, the average consumption of 1480 tons, which fully explains the huge demand for graphite electrodes.


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Compared with other conductor materials, the biggest advantage of graphite electrode material is that it has good conductive and thermal conductivity and good toughness, can withstand the impact of large currents, do not soften at high temperature and will not melt. If you are in need of high quality graphite electrodes, Contact us for acquire free quotation right now!